I hate runs ashore

First proper run ashore and first argument of the deployment. There’s a surprise!

So he ‘had’ to get a hotel. He ‘had’ to stay 2 nights and it wasn’t his fault he fell asleep when he was supposed to Skype the kids. We’re now not talking. He’s at a water park having fun. I’m washing the nappies, cleaning the bathrooms and hoovering while the baby screams and the big ones argue.

We WILL survive this deployment…one day at a time (somehow) 😏


Smashed it!

So it’s only a day. A mere drop in the ocean of a 9 month deployment but today I smashed it! We ate 3 proper home cooked (weight watchers friendly) meals. The baby slept in her bouncer rather than on me which meant I could play with the toddler for the first time since daddy left.

The best bit … When my wafu called I was able to talk about my day as nothing but positive. This is rare. Very rare. 

We will survive this deployment… One day at a time x

Time to put my big girl pants on!

Hubby has been gone just over 4 weeks and we are coping admirably. Everyone fed, no one dead! A mantra I keep repeating to myself over and over again.  Summer holidays suck though. No routine, no school runs to break up the long days, families out having fun together and my newsfeed filled with smiling holiday snaps.  Meanwhile I get intermittent emails and grainy Skype calls (if I’m lucky!)

Today marks a turning point though. Time to step it up a gear and refocus. Find ways to put the baby down long enough to do some housework and more importantly cook a proper meal. Focus on losing weight, getting back in shape and being grateful for the little things every day that I get to share with the small people that daddy doesn’t.

We will survive deployment … One day at a time!